Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Naked Pictures

This slideshow essay on Slate gives some good reasons why Spencer Tunick -- the guy who stages photo-shoots of hordes of naked people -- is better at generating publicity than making art. The crux of the issue, according to Mia Fineman (and I think she gets it right):

His installations are spectacular and attention-grabbing, but as for what it all means ... well, to put it bluntly, I don't think it extends too far beyond, "Wow. That's a lot of naked people."

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Roger Coss said...

I read Mia's article and found it of interest. As one who has posed for Spencer a few times and who is a part of the group that now runs the Spencer Tunick Experience Site and our sister site the Spencer Tunick Forum, I can say some of the very questions she brings up are also dicussed by us. Your welcome to come to the sites and see for yourself. Art or not? I'm not sure but I was hanging in gallery in Iceland this past summer and in a couple of larger installations, hanging in a couple of art museums.