Friday, March 7, 2008

Nothing to Unmask

"I like that foolishness is one of your most frequent tags," a loyal reader tells me (to date: thirteen posts). A few words on foolishness from Milan Kundera in The Curtain:

Just what is foolishness? Reason is capable of unmasking the evil hiding treacherously behind a fine lie.  But faced with foolishness, reason is powerless.  There is nothing to unmask. Foolishness does not wear a mask.  It is simply there, innocent.  Sincere.  Naked.  And indefinable.


Leah said...

Look Raocake, I'm posting at 5:43am...what do I read before another day of surgery---Bonhomie!

And you know I love foolishness..

Bonhomie Page said...

Aw, glad a little Bonhomie made it into your busy day, Leahbird ... just remember to keep your love for surgery and your love for foolishness locked in separate airtight chambers of that fine noggin of yours, ok? xoxo