Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No, no, no

Charlotte Allen, please go away! Some miserable excerpts from her Washington Post discussion of her miserable op-ed below:

Washington: Why did you write this piece?

Charlotte Allen: Totally for fun.

West Lafayette, Ind.: Your idea of fun is to paint a (horribly inaccurate) picture of your sex as stupid?

Charlotte Allen: How about an accurate picture?

Make it stop!


Julia said...

Well, consider this: there is a very special ring of hell reserved for Ann Coulter and Charlotte Allen. I'm not quite sure what it involves...perhaps inexplicable yet insatiable sexual desire, where there is no one but those two wretches and their vagina-(not to mention lesbian)-loathing selves with whom to act out such desires? Eternal jello-wrestling over who gets to sit next to Bill O'Reilly at the next Fox News holiday party? Whatever it is, I imagine it will be quite amusing when they both arrive.

Bonhomie Page said...

Oh Julia. You are so right.