Monday, February 25, 2008


So Slate has been all over that New York Times/McCain mess.  The XX Factor calls the Times story "one of the weirdest news stories I've ever read." Jack Shafer notes that "Both Republicans and press observers regard the piece as a low-calorie meal assembled from moldy ingredients and sullied by unethical preparation" (but he defends it anyway. And the Times says thanks). Then there's a blog-tour.  Blah, blah. I think that Timothy Noah, however, hits the nail on the head

McCain, of course, is the piano player/prostitute in this scheme, and, obviously, he's the one who's been shot. But (I predict) he will be carried upstairs, and wise old Doc will tend to him, and he'll be back on his feet in no time. The Times and the New Republic are looking at a much longer convalescence. (What is it with the Times' political coverage these days? Two weeks ago the paper ran an idiotic story arguing that Barack Obama didn't take enough drugs when he was in college.) Regardless of whether he had the affair, McCain wins.

Exactly!  Gah!

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